Education & Outreach


Lecturing at Monash University

I have taught a wide range of units in my time at Monash, including:

ENG1040 – Engineering dynamics

MAE3405 – Flight Vehicle Propulsion

MAE3402 – Aerospace Design Project

MEC2405 – Thermodynamics



My regular teaching is now the compressible flow component of MAE3401 – Aerodynamics II, as well as MAE2406 – Orbital Mechanics and Spaceflight Dynamics and MAE2402 – Aerothermodynamics and heat transfer.


Academic & Professional Service

I was the co-chair of the 7th Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion.

I am a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aeroacoustics Technical Committee.

I am an associate editor the International Journal of Aeroacoustics.





Science Outreach

Monash Engineering ChallENGe

For several years I organized and present the Mechanical & Aerospace section of the Monash Year 8 ChallENGe. This workshop gives year 8 students the opportunity to come to the Monash Campus for three days, and take part in workshops highlighting the different disciplines of engineering.

For the Mechanical and Aerospace program, I show students a range of fluid and combustion phenomena through live demonstrations. They then get to take part in a range of hands on activities, including flying quadcoptors and flight simulators, changing tires on a race car, programming a humanoid robot, and experimenting with the dynamics of trebuchets.

See the video for highlights of the 2015 challenge.

Check out the  website for details about upcoming Engineering ChallENGe events!


Fire and Flow

There is inherent beauty in the flow of fluids, or the flicker of flames. You don’t need to understand the mathematics of fluid mechanics to enjoy watching waves crashing on a beach, or a roaring bonfire. I developed a class as part of the Splash program at Stanford, teaching high school students about the beauty and power of fluid mechanics and combustion.

A much younger and skinnier version of me presenting my first live combustion demonstration.
A much younger and skinnier version of me presenting my first live combustion demonstration.

I have since incorporated a more advanced version of this class into my thermodynamics lecturing, as well as presenting it at the National Youth Science Forum.

Demonstrating a methanol pulsejet - the "whoosh bottle"
Older and less skinny, but still setting things on fire in the name of science education


Check out the Gallery for more images from my live demonstrations and workshops.

If you are interested in having me present the class at your school, please contact me.


Media & General Outreach:

I am available for comment on fluid mechanics, high-speed flight, supersonic civilian aviation, and all topics related to high-speed fluid flow.

I have given invited talks at the Australian Youth Aerospace Assocation’s Aerospace Futures conference, and the ADF Propulsion Systems Symposium. I am happy to speak on fluid dynamics in general, or specific topics such as aerospace propulsion.